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About Jacob

Jacob has 15 years experience in health insurance. He has worked on both sides of the fence: from advising and servicing customers with a broker to working with a health insurer on various areas including claim management and product development.


Two or three times a year I would summon the courage to "do my claims". The process of filling out forms, tracking payments and making sense of claim results was just daunting. There was no tool or easy way to do it. As the years passed, the number of claims increased with the family growing. I quickly validated all my friends had the same problems: a daunting process everyone dreaded, hours spent filing claims and checking payments, even more time spent trying to get explanations from their insurer. The result: a frustrating experience building the perception the insurer's job is to avoid paying out.

Claim5d utilizes the right mix of human interaction and technology to make the claim process simple and friendly. Don't waste anymore time with your claims, let our claim success team do them for you. We got you covered.

Jacob Sacuto

Founder, claim5d

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