How it Works

Example Scenario #1

Your child wakes up with a fever, and your doctor is able to see you quickly on that same day.

Step One

After you pay your medical bill, you text us the receipt and we start the claim process.

Step Two

We assess the claim and tell you immediately what to expect for payment.

Step Three

We handle all the communication with your insurance provider; you relax and get paid.

Example Scenario #2

You just hurt your ankle and want to check how to cover related expenses by your plan.

Step One

You text us letting us know what just happened, and we advised you to consult with your doctor to get a proper assessment.

Step Two

Your doctor refers you to a physiotherapist and prescribes you medication for the pain. You pay and text us the receipt and referral, and we assess your case.

Step Three

After each physiotherapy session, you text us the receipt and we process the claim. After each claim, we remind you how many sessions are still available to claim from your plan.


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